Membership at Burleigh

Golf Membership

We offer a range of membership options to suit your needs. Some categories of membership are currently full and waiting lists apply. Please speak to our friendly staff for the current status of the category you would like to apply for. 

The membership status is assessed by the Board on a monthly basis.

When memberships are offered, Applicant Members will be invited to finalise their application in the order in which their applications were received. 

New Member's Entrance Fee 

An Entrance Fee is payable by people who are successful in their application to join Burleigh Golf Club (BGC) and who applied for membership after 25 August 2020, and before 30 March 2022. The fee, which is an up-front addition to the payment of the first year's membership subscription, is $1,000 and applies to people joining as a Full Member, Full/Conditional, 6-Day or Limited Member. 

For applicants who apply from 30 March 2022 onward, the Entrance Fee is $1,000 upon joining, and an additional $1,000 when paying their second year of membership subscriptions.

The fee will not however apply to people joining as a Cadet, Junior or Youth Member.

The payment of an Entrance Fee by new Members recognises the financial contribution made to BGC by current and past members of the club, many of whom paid a Joining Fee years, and in many instances, decades ago. The quality of the Club and the course that prospective new Members are applying to join today, is due in large measure to that financial contribution, and a $1,000 Entrance Fee is considered to be a small contribution toward maintaining the quality of Burleigh Golf Club, and to its 70-year heritage. 

It should be noted that Burleigh Golf Club offers payment plans for annual membership subscriptions to assist Members with managing their budget and annual cash flows.

Members of Burleigh Golf Club join a community of golf enthusiasts in a friendly environment that offers more than just golf.

Receive Member discounts for:

Priority access to:

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Burleigh Golf Club has experienced exceptional membership growth in recent months and as a result we have had to close admissions for all membership levels.  If you are interested in applying for membership please contact administration to fill out an application form to go on the waitlist.


Playing Rights

Handicap Maintained

Free Green Fees

Preferred Member Pricing

Full Voting Rights

Eligible to Rent Buggy Shed

Member Discounts

Full*7 daysyesyesyesyesyesyes
6 Day*6 days except Saturdayyesyesyesyesyesyes
Country**7 daysyesyesyesyesyesyes
Limited*7 daysyes

3 mth*7 daysyesyesyes

Youth*7 daysyesyesyes

Junior*6 daysyesyesyes

Cadet*7 daysyesyesyesyes


* conditions apply
** available to persons who reside more than two hundred (200) kms from the club and are active members of another golf club where their Golflink number is valid. 

Download Membership Application Form here or contact us at the club.

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